Forex Strategies

What are the forex strategies?
A forex strategy is a group of specific rules, that determine buy and sell points for your trade in forex markets. These points, known as signals of trading, are often marked on a graph in real time and will prompt you to pull the trigger.
Here are some of the most common financial technical indicators used to construct the forex strategies:
Chart Patterns: ( Candlesticks formations: doji, Hammer, and more; chart patterns formation: triangle, butterfly, kor harmonics and more).
Moving Averages: ( exponential, simple, smoothed),
Oscillators: Stochastics, Momentum, Relative Strength, Commodity Channel Index,Bollinger Bands, and more other.
These patterns of indicators will be combined in the creation of a rule for un trandi system. For example, the MACD crossover system uses two moving average parameters, the long-term and the short-term, and a signal line to create a rule.
The advantages to adopt a forex strategy?
Help to control of the emotion that as one of the biggest flaws of individual trades. The trading system can increase profits.
The main trading systems in Learn Forex Trading are those that follow trends (a popular saying in the market is "the trend is your friend"), or trading system that buy or sell on breakouts. But they are many forex strategies based other medthod of trading or more methods combined:
Scalping Forex Strategies;
Trend Following Strategies;
Counter Trend;
Trading Strategies based on chart patterns and more.
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Forex Strategies

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