Reversal candlestick pattern:the Harami

Candlestick Harami pattern
The Harami pattern is a reversal pattern that signals an exausting dowtrend or a rally that is losoing steam. The Harami candlestick formation is comprised the first candle has a long body while the second candle has a smaller body that is within the first candle. Tipically the smaller of the second candle the stronger the price reversal signal. The smaller the wicks of the second candle the more accurate the signal. If the second candle hovers near the top of the first candle during an up trend this indicates that there is a higher probability for consolidation than a reversal. The same is true in a downtrend, wihch is if the second candle hovers nears the bottom of the first candle, it indicates a higher probability for consolidation as opposed to a reversal.
In Picture we see a bearish Harami reversal where a large white candle is followed by a small dark one. the Harami is a good example of an “inside” day where the price action of today is completely inside the price range of the prior day.  
Candlestick Harami pattern
Candlestick Harami pattern

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Harami pattern quiz

Harami Candlestic Pattern Quiz

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