Trading Styles

There are different trading styles that can be applied.Thoset raders looking for very quick moves can adapt scalping strategies and tactics. A great portion of forex traders put on trades that have moderate-size intraday durations that allow the currency pair to move through a range. These traders go for 10 to 30 pip moves. Multiple day trades allow for larger profit objectives of 100 pips or more. Forex trading can also include the goal of trading for income. This goal is featured in carry trades and is a dominant strategy of large hedge funds and institutions. But carry trades are also possible for the average retail trader.
The beginning trader should explore many of these styles and strategies by creating trading setups that use a combination of technical indicators, and chart patterns to pin- point conditions for a trade there is no single style of trading, nor any one technical indicator
or methodology that will be sufficient. Successful trading of forex is a combination of
fundamental knowledge, technical tactics, and experience in pattern recognition.
The main style of trading are:
Range Trader,
Scalper Trader,
Day Trader,
Swing Trader,
Position Trader,
Meccanical Trader,
Carry trader,

News Trader.
Trading Styles
Trading Styles

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