Double Stochastic Trading

Double stochastic trading is a momentum strategy based on two stochastics oscillators. The first fast, the second slow. The slow stochastic is the as the filter.
Time frame 30 min or higher.
Markets: Currency pairs, Indicies Commodities and Stocks.

Fast Stochastic oscillator ( 11, 3, 3, close).the crossover determines the entries in the direction of the trend.
Slow Stochastic oscillator /21, 9, 9, close).IT determines the direction of the trend.

Trading Rules Double Stochastic Trading

Trades only in the direction of the major tred that determines the crossover of the slow Stochastic.

Slow stochastic crosses upward below 50 level.
Fast Stochastic crosses upward and you can use for re-enter buy.

Slow stochastic crosses downward above 50 level.
Fast Stochastic crosses downward and you can use for-re-enter sell.

Exit at the cross of the slow stochastic line or at the leves of Support or resistance or reccomended with profit target predetermined that depends by currency pair of the time frame.

Adantages: Good entries with simple esecution.
Disanvantages: needs constant watching, because is a lagging oscillator also if stochastic is fast.
Double Stochastic Trading
Double Stochastic Trading

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