Killer Forex Strategy

Killer Forex Strategy is based on Support and resistence lines.
Time Frame 5 min or higher but on higher timeframes are more reliable H1, H4, H6 H8 or daily chart.
Trading Rules
Identify the S/R areas and mark them off on the chart. Why do we use S/R? Because this is what the big forex players as the banks, the institutions, and the proprietary trading firms.
Only trades with the trend.
Price makes a particular bar formation which “triggers” our entry into a trade.
We use a final “trigger” which tells us exactly when to enter a trade.
This trigger is in the form of what we call a „Pinbar‟.
This Pinbar tells us that the market is being rejected off a particular price area and is heading the other way. Not only this – but the bar tells us the specific level at which to place our stoploss.
First we identify the recent S/R levels, This is done as easily as this:
Killer Forex Strategy with pin bar

Now that we have our S/R we wait for price to come back to the S/R area just like in this trade example:
Killer Forex Strategy with Support and Resistence

If we zoom in a little we can see our “trigger” on this trade; a Pinbar right at the S/R level as the market TELLS us where it is going (hint: down!):
Killer Forex Strategy

And sure enough the market drops:
This was the entry to the strategy; the exit is just as important.
I will now go through an extremely effective and profitable exit strategy for you.
I‟m going to go through the final part of the strategy quickly and then provide you with a very limited opportunity to get access an amazing Forex strategy that is even more effective than this one (again, it‟s for traders who have day jobs) – the strategy is much more powerful than this one – which should give you an idea of what to expect… more on this later.
How To Exit Your Trade
This following exit strategy, although extremely simple, is very effective. It will get you out of a bad trade quickly – also keep you in a good trade when you get on a big move.
The 2-Bar Trailing Stoploss
When you enter a trade, you place your stoploss initially behind the bar you enter, and then you trail it after that. Each new bar that is made, you move the stoploss up to behind the lowest of the previous two bars - this is for a long.
For a short trade, you trail the stop behind the highest of the previous two bars, as the market continues down. When your stoploss is hit you‟re out of the trade.
If you‟re still a little unsure of exactly what I mean then take a look at this chart:
Killer Forex Strategy

Further Strategy Tips, Tricks & Guidance
- Remember that, because you are entering with the trend, at an S/R level and on a pullback with a reliable Pinbar confirmation –
many times you will be in a very good position to take part in a BIG move.
- This is not a countertrend strategy so there is no reason to just grab a few pips – many times you will get large runners that gain hundreds and thousands of pips.
- This strategy is for the higher timeframes mainly. It can be used on lower timeframes but, be warned, it is not as easy to trade.
- One final thought… do not overanalyse. It is easy to do this because you feel you should be spending a lot of time checking your charts each day. This strategy, whatever way you try to trade it, requires very little time. You can check 20+ pairs a day in less than 10 minutes – don‟t spend time trying to find trades that are not there.

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