30 min Trading System

30 min Trading System
System Overview
Do not be fooled by the simplicity of this system. This is a very simple but profitable system.
Markets Traded – Forex – All Pairs
Charts – 30 minutes only
Indicators – 50 SMA
The system is a trend following strategy.
It intends to catch an intraday trend that usually starts within the first 30 minutes of the London session.
Chart Setup
Add a 50 SMA to the chart.
System Rules
Wait for the 30 minutes candle that starts at 08:00 London time and closes at 08:30 London time.
If the close of this candle is above the 50 SMA, you are looking only to go long.
If the close of this candle is below the 50 SMA, you are looking only to go short.
Enter the trade at the close of this candle according to the direction indicated above.
Place a protective stoploss 10 pips over/under the last swing high/low.
Exit the trade at 20:00 London time.
Trade Examples

Comments/Additional Notes
As with all strategies, there always are some lost trades. There is no strategy that always wins!
All you have to care about is that you finish every week and every month with a profit. If you respect the rules of the strategies and you are consistent and conservative with your money management you will be able to achieve that!
You should respect the entry and exit rules exactly as they are!!!
Please respect the Money Management rules and do not risk more than 2% of your equity in any single trade.Use proper money management as far as lot size and your earnings should surely increase.

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