Forex 1 min Scalping System

Forex 1 min scalping system is trend-momentum strategy based on Emas and Laguerre indicator.
Time Frame 1 min or higher.
Currency pairs with low spreads: EUR/USD, GBP/USD.
Sessions London and New York
Forex Indicators
50 EMA, close,
11 EMA close,
Lagurre gamma 0.5 with levels 0.95 and 0.15.
Trading rules Forex 1 min Scalping
Price above emas'.
11 EMA above EMA 50.
Laguerre go above 0.15 level from the bottom.
Price below emas'.
11 EMA below EMA 50.
Laguerre go below 0.95 level from the top.
Profit Target 5-7 pips.
Place intitial syop loss 5 pips below/above the entry bar.
In the pictures trades examples of Forex 1 min Scalping System.
Forex 1 min scalping system

Forex 1 min scalping system

Forex 1 min scalping system


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