Forex Super Scalper

The “Forex Super Scalper” manual system is a unique and safe system because, unlike all other scalping strategies (M1, M5…), this system uses 1H timeframe – which means no
market noise or false signals that usually make scalping difficult.
The “Forex Super Scalper” is one of the easiest (and the most profitable) scalping systems. It uses absolutely no indicators or calculations, it is a pure mechanical strategy.
There is nothing 100% accurate in Forex but the “Forex Super Scalper” is very close to that…Usually You can expect: +75% of profitable trades. In a strong market up to 80-90% wins are common!
Pairs: All major pairs, Stocks, Indices, Oil, Gold…etc
Charts: 1H
5-15 pips if you use this system for scalping trading.
20-200 pips if you use this system for day trading.
The setup
Pull up a couple of 1H charts: EUR/USD GBP/USD USD/JPY and GBP/JPY…or just use a single chart for example EUR/USD. Please note that if you monitor a couple of pairs at the same time you will get a lot more trading signals. Make sure to “zoom” your charts to see all candles/bars in detail. The system works perfectly fine for all major Forex pairs as well as Stocks, Indices, CFDs..etc. EUR/USD is preferred.
Here is a sample of your trading screen:
Forex Super Scalper
Now wait for a current (1H) candle to close… that means get ready at the end of the “hour”. You are looking for a current candle to close in different color than the previous candle. Here is an example:
Forex Super Scalper
IMPORTANT: At least 2 previous candles must be the same color. If there are 3 or 4 of them same color – it is even better! Stronger signal!
Whenever you see a current candle is a different color than the TWO previous candles – get ready to place a trade in the direction of the latest candle. It is your major pre-signal for a trading opportunity a good and simple sign of of a trend change! Keep in mind that we are working with
1H candles and most of the time there are no “noise” false signals of a trend change that may be noticed on shorter timeframes like M1, M5, M15.
Here is an example of your “pre-signal”:
Forex Super Scalper
In our case (as it is shown on the chart above) White candles are bearish candles (down trend) and black candles are bullish candles (up trend). IMPORTANT: It is very important that your latest candle just closed in different color than TWO PREVIOUS CANDLES. (I mean not only 1 previous candle but 2 of the previous candles must be the same color – this is the only way to cut
false signals and not to trade on unclear sideway trends or a ranging market).
I highly recommend the use of this system during strong markets ONLY: London, US, Asian sessions. Here is an example of your “pre-signal”:
Okay, so you’ve got a pre-signal: the latest candle just closed and it is a different color than the 2 previous candles. Now wait for a price to go another 8-10 pips in the (same) direction of the latest candle and place a trade.
Here is an example of your entry point:
Forex Super Scalper
EXIT (TAKE PROFIT) and STOP LOSS: Even if the system is designed for short trades – scalping, it works perfectly fine for longer (day trading) trades with large profit. I will explain both.
a) A “scalping” exit would be to close with a profit of 10-15 pips. In this case your stop loss must be placed 5-7 pips away from your entry point.
Forex Super Scalper
b) If you prefer longer trades with larger profits, exit (take profit) your trade when you see a new trend start losing power, here is an example:

Forex Super Scalper
Usually new trends on 1H chart are very strong in the first 2-3 hours and you could expect great profit – use the power of a trend change (very strong on 1H charts!)
The stop loss for a longer trades must be placed 5-7 pips away of the opening price of your entry candle, see the example below:
Forex Super Scalper
The system is very profitable because it uses 1H timeframes – strong confirmed trends change – no market noise! Here are more examples of the great trading opportunities using this system. Almost all signals (if you follow all the rules) are profitable
Forex Super Scalper
Note for This system: do not trade on a ranging market ( night time ), do not trade near news releases. IMPORTANT: WHEN NOT TO TRADE!
Here is an example when you should stay away from trading - ranging market.. Up and Down. Do not use the system on such days, just wait for another trading day when the market go back to normal… Even if you got a pre-signal – 2 candles, ignore them!
Forex Super Scalper
Here is a detailed trade example:
Option 1 – Scalping, Option 2 – day trading
Option 1 scalping:
Entry BUY 1.5835 (we wait for the price to go 8-10 pips in the same direction of the previous pre-signal candle)
Stop Loss 1.5828 (for scalping trading we keep SL very tight 5-7 pips)
Take Profit 1.5850 ( take profit for scalping keep at 10-15 pips
max, don’t forget the spread!)
Here is a screenshot for a scalping trade:
Forex Super Scalper
Option 2 day trading:
Entry BUY 1.5835 (we wait the price to go 8-10 pips in thesame direction of the previous pre-signal candle)
Stop Loss 1.5818 ( for day trading SL must be placed 5 pips away from the entry candle)
Take Profit 1.5935 ( we exit a trade when the trend loses power…)
Here is a screenshot for day trading – trade sample:
Forex Super Scalper
Forex Super Scalper

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