Two percent daily

Two percent daily is a breakout scalping strategy. Two Percent Daily” method that explains how to profit by combining them and from using them in a unique way by incorporating high probability entries, strict money management and trading discipline.
Time Frame 15 min.
Currency pairs: EUR/US, GBP/USD, USD/JPY.
Low spreads.
Open a 15min chart
The “Two Percent Daily” method scalps pips when price breaks through major support and resistance. There is always an opportunity to grab at least a few pips and on some occasions catch a runner. The emphasis is on money management as one needs to minimize loss and lock in profit
at the first available opportunity. Ensure that you are ready to perform the following actions on EVERY trade:
Set a stop loss of 10 pips (2% of your account)
 Set a trailing stop of 3 pips immediately when 3 pips in profit
This will keep you out of trouble and is the main concept that you must follow in order to reach at least 10 pips every trading day.
Wait for the m15 candle to close. Enter long 1 pip above the blue dot of the closed candle and short 1 pip below the red dot of that candle. You should use pending orders to ensure you enter at the correct price. Add the spread to pending orders when looking to go long.
If your broker does not allow hedging then place an order at the closest dot and watch to see if price begins to head towards the other dot – in which case you would change your pending order. Pending orders are valid until they are triggered or until another dot appears on an m15 candle.
Set a break even at the earliest opportunity and trail the price closely to lock in profit and milk the small and big moves.
Profit target GBP/USD 8 pips, EUR/USD 6 pips, USD/JPY 7 pips
Forex tool: draw support and resistance line or apply MT4 template.
In example GBP/USD 15 min chart 6 trades win 0 loss 48 pips in gain.
Two percent daily

Two percent daily
Below the link for download Two percent daily MT4 Template.

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