Weekly Scalping Forex Strategy

This is a weekly scalping system. No indicator needed and you only place very few
trades per week. No need to monitor the trades and it‟s very safe to trade with the
system. Please follow the below steps:
1. Create daily chart on any pair.
2. Enter a Buy/Sell order upon Sunday or Monday open at 2400 GMT. Order should
be consistent with previous day‟s trend (for example; if Previous day is „up‟, place a
"Buy" market order, if previous day is „down‟, enter a "Sell" market order at the open
3. Place an opposite side trade 40 PIPS away from the initial market order (i.e.; if
the initial order was a „Buy‟, place an immediate „Sell‟ order 40 PIP away from initial
market entry)
4. If there is same trend for three consecutive days, then open an opposite order in the
fourth day. For example: If Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday were „up‟ days, place a
Sell order on Thursday.
5. Use 40 PIP stops on all orders.
6. Close between 2300 and 2400.
7. Repeat trade rules at 2400 GMT.
Money Management Rule:
Never risk more than 1-3% of your account on any single trade.
You may use variable posing sizing with this system and vary your position size
depending on your stop loss such that you risk only 1-3% of your account.
Recommended Pairs:

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