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The Jum Start Forex Strategy

The purpose of the Jump Start strategy is to show how to read indicators and get 15-25 pips a day on 3-5 trades. It is not a complete trading system. It is a quick get in and out method of picking up a few pips. Just use 1 lot per trade. The object is to get pips and not worry about the money.
The Jump Start Strategy can be used on any currency pair. The basics of the Jump Start Strategy are:
Time frame to use: 15-minute chart
Number of pips per trade: 10-15
Trade in the direction of the trend using the Moving Average Oscillator and the 2 (two) moving average indicators as shown below. EMA 3 close yellow, EMA 5 shift 1 close magenta. MAO 12,26.9
The moving averages are called Hot Lines. When the Yellow line crosses over the purple line that is called a Royal Cross (RC). When you see a fresh RC that is the signal but the entry is on the opening of the next candlestick. When you see the Moving Average Oscillator (MAO) cross above or below the zero line that is the signal and the entry. When both confirming signals are present that is the time to enter a trade.
The Jum Start Forex Strategy

The Jum Start Forex Strategy

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