The 15 minutes a day strategy (three white soldiers)

The 15-minute-per-day strategy is fairly simple and suits busy people. For trading, we only use the daily times and we only make one deal per day! Everything is very simple :)
Strategic parameters:
Calendar: D1
Currency pairs: any, but preferably pairs with the British pound.
Buy transaction:
If for three consecutive days the maximum of the next candle was higher than the maximum of the previous candle, then we open a buy deal on the opening of the candle on the 4th day.
We set the stop loss at a distance of 2-3 points below the lowest price of the previous daily candle or at a distance of 90 points. We choose what appears below.
We close the deal in 2 stages:
50% of the transaction - upon reaching 30 points,
the remaining 50% is rearranged to equalize and set a profit of 100 points.
We open and close a sales transaction in the same way:
Added to strategy:
I think many have noticed a familiar pattern in this strategy. Of course, this is "Three white soldiers".
The bullish figure of the "Three White Soldiers" reflects a steady gradual increase in closing prices. Such a pattern appears on the chart in the form of three candles with white bodies with short shadows. The closing price of these candles is higher than the previous ones and the opening price is inside their bodies. Furthermore, this model may indicate a way out of the lateral tendency.
If all three candles of this model are not too short and not too long, of the same size and with small shadows or without shadows, you can safely open a purchase deal. The ideal entry for this model is the beginning of an upward trend. In addition, the model presents itself after consolidation in the field of low prices.
This reversal candlestick pattern can occur upside down and signal the start of a downtrend.
Examples of dangerous models:
It is possible that the second and third (or only the third) candle of the model are small and with long upper shadows. So this is not "Three White Soldiers", but "Rejected Offensive":
A similar situation with the "Braking" / "Slowing" model: a very long body of the second candle and a small third (star formation). In this case, it is better not to make a deal:


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