Carry Trade EURAUD AUD/USD- Win Win Forex Strategy

How a Forex win-win strategy works
Forex's modern win-win strategy recommends creating 2 orders with the same size as the trading lot. More precisely: on a pair of euro / Australian dollar open a deal to buy and on a pair of Australian dollar / US dollar - to sell. This strategy involves keeping business open until the trends of these currency pairs return to the general trend. As soon as this happens and this necessarily happens, we will be able to close both transactions with a profit. I also want to note that it is important for a trader to open 2 trades simultaneously. Orders can be opened at any time with Take-Profit in the amount of twenty pips, but without Stop-Loss. If the deal closes with a profit, instead of opening another exactly the same.
Tips for a win-win strategy
Recommended time interval: any.
Currency pairs: Australian dollar / US dollar, euro / Australian dollar. Account: cent.
Commercial batch: 0.01. Initial cash amount: $ 30.
The maximum possible number of orders
The initial cash amount of $ 30 on a cent account with a lot of transactions of $ 0.01 entails the opening of a maximum of 10 orders: 5 on a currency pair and 5 on another. At a time when the loss for a pair is 150 pips, it is necessary to create a second in exactly the same order on it. The recommended distance between orders opened on a currency pair is 150 pips. If the price returns to its general trend after the opening of 10 orders, we will get a huge profit immediately for all transactions. This strategy involves building 2 order grids, with each currency pair separately. On these pairs at the same time only the first 2 positions are opened.
Before creating your first 2 orders, go to the Forex calendar of economic events and make sure that you don't plan to release important news soon. It is important to pay attention to the news affecting the currencies that make up these two currency pairs. Before opening your first orders, pay attention to the currency pair charts, make sure that the weekly chart of the Australian euro / dollar pair is currently an upward trend and that the Australian dollar / US dollar pair is a downward trend. You can also pay attention to the angle of the trend, which indicates the speed of the price level. Just make sure that the trends of the currency pairs are currently moving in a favorable direction for us and it is recommended to create orders.

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