BBMA Trading Winnig Method

 BBMA winning method for trading”, that is based on Bollinger Bands and moving averages.

The setup of the strategy.

BBMA consists of the use of 2 indicators:

1. Moving Averages

2. Bollinger Bands

BBMA consists of 3 types of entries:

1. Extreme

2. MHV

3. Re-Entry

Moving Average Settings:

There are 5 MA used in the system:

2 High Moving Averages, 2 Low Moving Averages and 1 Exponential Moving







Bollinger Band Settings:

Period = 20

Shift = 0

Deviations = 2

Apply to = Close 

BBMA Trading Winning Method

Downtrend: MA 5/10 HIGH is above the candles. MA 5/10 LOW goes through the candles. MA 10 HIGH is above. MA 5 HIGH. MA 10 LOW is above MA 5 LOW.

BBMA Trading Winnig Method

Uptrend: MA 5/10 LOW is below the candles. MA 5/10 HIGH goes through the candles. MA 5 HIGH is above. MA 10 HIGH. MA 5 LOW is above. MA 10 LOW.

BBMA Trading Winning Method

The above MA are only used to help determine trends use the MA50 on a dailychart to help and get confirmation of the trend. When the market is above the MA50 price is said to be in an uptrend. When the market is below the MA50 price is said to be in a down trend.MAs can also act as support and resistance.

BBMA Entry Types:

1. Extreme

2. MHV

3. Re-Entry

4. CS Direction

5. CS Momentum



BBMA Trading Winning Method

1. MA5 HIGH (RED) breaks the TOP BB.

2. Candles Stick (CS) reverses and closes within the TOP BB.

3. Candle Stick (CS) retests MA5 HIGH (RED) or Zone Line of Fire

(KILLZONE) – this is the ENTRY POINT.

4. TP at MA5 LOW (MAGENTA) for safety

Uptrend reverse conditions:


MHV applies to the end of a trend (Market Reversal) after a rise or fall of

the market.

BBMA Trading Winning Method

Occurs when the market weakens and loses momentum to continue either

up (uptrend) or down (downtrend).

In some cases MHV can be identified as a double or triple top.

MHV is formed after an Extreme.


Re-entry is formed after the Rise/Fall of a price or market and the price or

the market is now forming a sideways market for a Re-entry.

UptrendMA5/10 High acts as resistance. Re-enter sell position when

the market finds MA5/10 High. CS are under the MA5/10 High.

DowntrendMA5/10 LOW acts as support. Re-enter buy position when

the market finds MA5/10 Low. CS are above the MA5/10 Low.

BBMA Trading Winning Method

BBMA Trading Winning Method

Powerful Re-entry – MA5/10 and MID BB meet or collide.

Most Powerful Re-entry – MA5/10 MID BB and MA50 meet or collide.

Re-entry occurs for a minimum of 3 candles per TF. That is H1=3 Hours

1D = 3 Days H4= 12 Hours etc.

Notepad 5

MACD (12, 26, 9) can be used to confirm entries:Extreme and MHV

Re-Entry is already confirmed by the moving My favorite entries are the Extreme and the re-entry.

Note: When the bands are compressed do not enter !!!

My advice is to initially trade with a single entry the one that best suits our style.

The template is formed as in the image.average.

Uptrend= MACD histogram >MACD line.

Downtrend= MACD Histogram < MACD line.

BBMA Trading Winning Method

Examples of trades

BBMA Trading Winning Method

BBMA Trading Winning Method

BBMA Trading Winning Method

BBMA Trading Winning Method

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