Short Scalping Profits: The Time-Sensitive Trading Method


The Time-Sensitive Trading Method is a streamlined approach that deviates from traditional opening range breakout strategies. With a focus on rapid profit-taking within a minute, this method is designed for traders seeking quick gains. In this article, we will delve into the specifics of this strategy, detailing the pairs, setup, entry points, exit rules, and re-entry tactics.


This method is most effective when applied to major currency pairs, especially those with a spread less than 0.0001, such as the EUR/USD.


The key to successful implementation of the Time-Sensitive Trading Method lies in patiently observing the first 15-minute range after the market opens, particularly during the London Open or New York Open.

Entry Points:

Traders can initiate a position by entering a buy stop 1 pip above the high of the initial 15-minute range or a sell stop 1 pip below its low. This strategic entry enables traders to capture potential price movements early in the trading session.

Profit Exit:

The hallmark of this method is the swift capture of profits. Traders are advised to close out positions immediately upon achieving a 5-pip profit. This rapid profit-taking approach ensures that trades do not extend beyond the 1-minute mark.

Stop Loss:

To manage risk, a predefined exit strategy is crucial. Traders should exit a position if a 5-pip loss from the entry point is incurred. Additionally, if a trade surpasses the one-minute mark, it is advisable to exit, mitigating potential losses.


In the event of a stop loss, traders can look for opportunities in the opposite direction of the initial opening range breakout. Applying the same exit rules, this re-entry tactic allows traders to capitalize on subsequent market movements.


The Time-Sensitive Trading Method offers a unique and efficient approach to capturing quick profits in the fast-paced world of forex trading. By focusing on major currency pairs, closely monitoring the initial 15-minute range, and adhering to strict entry and exit rules, traders can potentially enhance their success in the market. Remember, the key to mastering this method lies in discipline, swift decision-making, and adapting to market dynamics for optimal results.

Short Scalping Profits: The Time-Sensitive Trading Method

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