Simple Support Resistance Box Trading

Simple Support Resistance Box Trading is a box breakout strategy.
Time frame 15 min or higher.
Indicators 21 EMA and 50 EMA.
This template can be traded on any pair – there are no restrictions. Although I recommend trading the Simple Support Resistance Box Trading on 15-minute and 30- minute timeframe – it will work on any timeframe.

Trading rules Simple Support Resistance Box Trading
Draw 2 horizontal lines on the chart to delimit the sideways market , these lines are the support and resistance.
Price breaks the resistance or the support, the EMA's crosses.
Buy o Sell when the price bounces on the previous resistance or support (with stop loss below/above the high/low).
Exit when the price reache the widith of the box area.
See examples
Simple Support Resistance Box Trading
As you can see our take-profit is typically the same number of pips as the width of the “box” we have drawn between the resistance and support lines. Also, we place our stoploss below the low the pullback where we enter – this gives us a fairly small stoploss and typically a 2:1 Reward-to-Risk ratio! Let’s take a look at another trade:
Simple Support Resistance Box Trading
  The above example is on the 4-hour timeframe. Also, you will note that the way in which we draw the support and resistance lines – we miss out the highs and lows of the candles – this is an extremely critical part of what makes this template different to other breakout methods. 


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