ADX with Momentum Scalping

Adx with momentum scalping is a classic trend-momentum strategy based on the ADX and momentum indicators.
Time frame: 5M.
Spread max:0,0001.5
ADX (D+ and D- with 25 level);
Momentum (14).
Parabolic Sar (0.2-0.02);

Long Entry position:
ADX(14) >25 D+ >25 and > D-;
Momentum (14)> 100;

Short entry position:
ADX(14) >25 D- >25 and > D+;
Momentum (14)< -100;

Place intitial stop loss 14-16 pips. Profit target 5-7 pips.

You can add 55 EMA as filter and trades only in the direction of the EMA 55.
When the price is above The Ema only buy, when the price is below the Ema only sell.

The picture 1 AUD / USD is an example of trading without EMA while the picture 2 is the same range but with the addition of the filter 55 EMA.
ADX with momentum scalping
ADX with momentum scalping

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