Cloud Momentum Strategy

 Cloud Momentum strategy is based on a double cloud and a personalized momentum indicator, the StochasticRSI, which however generates, in addition to its own indicators, also returns signals based on the RSI. So, a potential trend-momentum multi positions strategy, very interesting.

Setup Strategy TradingView

Time Frame 3 minutes or higher

Currency pairs: any

Platform TradingView (this strategy is based on two costumizzed TradingView indicators (pine script).


EMA Cloud Elle (Ema's: 4, 5, 8,21, 34, 50).

Stoch RSI (3,3,3, 9,8,) this indicator generates two arrow the first (long arrow) StochRSI, the second short arrow (RSI).

Pubblic library TradingView search: Stochastic RSI Strategy and Ema Cloud Elle.

Trading Rules Cloud Momentum Strategy

Trades only in the direction of the trend.

The trend is defined by the cloud. the two clouds must have the same color. When they have different colors they don't get into position.

Clouds green color = trend up

Clouds red colr = trend down.


Cloud green + buy arrow of Stochastic RSI or buy arrow of RSI.


Cloud red + sell arrow of Stochastic RSI or sell arrow of RSI.

Exit position at opposite arrow, when the clous changes direction close all open positions, or, with ratio stop loss 1: 1.1.

Max tre position opens in the same direction.

The multiposition is optional. Only when one is an expert in this strategy.

Example of trades

Cloud Momentum  Strategy

Cloud Momentum  Strategy

Cloud Momentum  Strategy

Cloud Momentum  Strategy

Cloud Momentum  Strategy

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